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School Counselor

Lori Regalado

Lori Regalado attended Crafton Hills College where she received a certificate in Early Childhood Education. She then transferred to the University of Redlands where she graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies. Lori continued her studies at the University of Redlands obtaining a master’s degree and PPS Credential. Lori began her career with Redlands Unified School District at Bryn Mawr Elementary working in an intervention program for primary students. She then moved on to Victoria to begin working in the Early Childhood Education Program. She continued her Early Childhood work at Mentone Elementary where she became the Child Development Program Lead. While at Mentone, Lori was able to not only work with the early education preschool students, but she was also able work with Mentone families providing them with different resources and assisting them when they came to her in times of need. Throughout the years working with families and students, Lori always knew elementary counseling was the ultimate career goal. Working in the town she grew up in, as an Elementary School Counselor is a dream come true. I have the great fortune tot currently work at Highland Grove Elementary.

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